Geek Girls Rule! #136 – PAX 2010

Yes, my dearest, darling ones, it’s that time of year again.  The time of year when a young geek’s heart turns towards thoughts of “Oh sweet Jesus, I need a flu shot!  PAX is this weekend!”

I, the Geek Girl What Rules, and Ogre, the Geek Husband What Rules, will both be running games at PAX.  In fact, GGR is sponsoring a day of female GMs  on Saturday at the gaming tables sponsored by the Dreaming.  We’ll be sharing the great big huge gaming space with Wizards of the Coast.  We’ll be at the back of the hall.

Gaming starts at 10 AM.  Melissa Kocher will be running the Mist-Robed Gate, Dawn Vogel will run a roller-derby girl hack of Best Friends, and if we can get her away from her Enforcer duties, Leslie McKeever will run Dogs in the Vineyard.   I’ll be around to run pick-up games as necessary, probably Little Fears, The Keep (Bridge System) or something else where char-gen takes little to no time, and there are minimal dice involved.  I’ll be around all day Saturday.

The Geek Husband What Rules will be running the Dresden Files rpg all weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  He’s got pre-gen-ed characters, and has built Seattle for the game.  His big complaint is that Seattle’s just too nice.  If our homeless people started to go missing, we’d notice.  Seriously, we noticed the Green River Killer real early on, even if we couldn’t catch him for a couple decades.

If I’m not completely overwhelmed by Saturday, I may come back on Sunday for awhile.  Alas, I have no buttons to hand out, the budget’s a little lean in the Household What Rules, maybe next year.

So, swing by the second Dreaming booth in the gaming hall, and look for the short, round redhead with the cats tattooed on her chest.

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