TV: As fate would have it…

The fates of major US broadcast network sf/fantasy/horror/related genre shows, listed by title and network:

24 (FOX) – canceled after eight seasons
Better Off Ted (ABC) – canceled after two seasons
Chuck (NBC) – renewed for a fourth season
FlashForward (ABC) – canceled after one season
Fringe (FOX) – renewed for a third season
Ghost Whisperer (CBS) – canceled after five seasons
Heroes (NBC) – canceled after four seasons; may return for a two hour telefilm or four hour miniseries to wrap up the story
Human Target (FOX) – renewed for a second season
Lost (ABC) – ended after six seasons
Medium (CBS) – renewed for a seventh season
Past Life (FOX) – canceled after one season
Smallville (CW) – renewed for a tenth and final season
Supernatural (CW) – renewed for a sixth season; creator Eric Kripke will step down as showrunner and be replaced by current staff writer/producer Sera Gamble
V (ABC) – renewed for a second season
The Vampire Diaries (CW) – renewed for a second season

Which canceled shows will you miss? Are there any renewed shows you wish had been canceled because they’ve run their course? Any other thoughts?

3 thoughts on “TV: As fate would have it…

  1. I wish those stupid “Housewives of [insert location here]” shows would be not just canceled, but burned out of the collective consciousness of all humanity.

  2. I think Smallville should have been put out of its misery, er, I mean cancelled long long ago. Very happy Chuck is still going on. Interested to see where Supernatural is going to go next season.

  3. Hmmm… honestly, out of that entire list? Nothing, I’ll miss nothing. I cannot find anything these days to really catch and keep my interest…

    Oh wait, I do have one, and that’s TruBlood, on account of how good and strong all the characters are, as well as their very human and non-human flaws.

    I cannot STAND Smallville, as it’s a microscopism of all that I find wrong with DC these days. How can they even call it Smallville after ten years? Clark is more Superman than he is Superboy!

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