Help a Tiny Geek Out.

Ok, so I have a friend.  Said friend is going through a bad spell (not entirely of her choosing), and as a result is kind of broke.  Said friend also has a seven year old who is a Tiny Geek.  And his particular field of Geek is DINOSAURS.  He loves them.  He reads books on them, quite frankly, that I would have trouble grasping.  He also writes really nifty stories that have their prey saying “Bye-Bye” as they’re eaten, but that’s neither here nor there.

Every year the Burke Museum at the University of Washington does week long Dinosaur camps.  Last year, before the bad spell, she sent  him to the first one, and he loved it.  Could not talk about anything else for months leading up to and after.  And if you know anything about 6-7 year old attention spans, you know how remarkable that is.  This year, she can’t afford to send him.

This is where you come in.

I have a PayPal account.  If you guys are interested in sponsoring the Tiny Geek to Dinosaur Camp, drop me a line with your email.  I’ll email you back the email the PayPal account is connected to, and we can send the Tiny Geek to Dinosaur Camp.  Any funds raised above and beyond the call of duty ($250-ish), will go toward a bitchin’ dinosaur book with the rest being donated to the Burke Museum, hopefully to be earmarked for the youth programs.

The Tiny Geek is awesome, and the bad spell has been hard on him and his sibling.  I don’t think it’s too much to ask to bring a little joy into a Proto-Geek’s life.  And, hey, maybe we can raise some money for a museum that does a lot of kid focused learning programs.  You gotta get ’em young.  The Burke is also the training ground for many of our up and coming Museologists and Curators.  So any money for them is money well spent.

Help me encourage the seeds of Geekiness in the Tiny Geek.  Come on, any kid who teaches his two year old sibling to say, “Take the Geologic Specimens, Mama,” kind of rocks on toast.

ETA:  Ok, you can contribute using the PayPal account   It will come up with the Geek Husband What Rules’ name, because it’s the account we set up his Libsyn with.  But yes, all the money will go to the Tiny Geek and the Burke Museum if we raise enough.  I was going to create a new GGR Paypal, but damn it I just haven’t had the time.

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