Geek Girls Rule #126 – Superheroes ARE Real.

Ok, don’t click the link unless you’re prepared to sob like a baby at your computer. 

Boy gets to be superhero for a day

The Make-A-Wish Foundation, an organization full of beautiful human beings, made a young boy with cancer’s wish to be a superhero come true.  13 year old Erik Martin got to be Electronboy yesterday, Thursday April 28th.  So if any of you wondered why stretches of highway around Seattle were closed off, and why the police escort, now you know:  Electronboy was saving the day, and the Seattle Sounders, a public utilities worker and people trapped on the Space Needle.

I cried reading this article.  And I put it to you, that unless you have no heart at all, you will, too. 

Go, read it.  And then donate.  I was going to say more, but I’m crying again. 

What an amazing organization. 

Sometimes things happen that bring back just a little of my faith in humanity.  Just a little.

ETA:  Ok, if that weren’t enough, there’s video.

If you click through to the Youtube page, there’s more clips.

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