Women Gamer’s Meet Up in Seattle

Women Gamer Meet-Up – April 24, 11-2 at the Wayward Coffeehouse in Greenwood (Seattle).  http://www.waywardcoffee.com/ 

We need to come up with a name that has a better acronym for this.

I’ve been mulling it over:  Seattle Gaming Women, Gaming Women of the PNW, I don’t know.  You guys talk it over.


8 thoughts on “Women Gamer’s Meet Up in Seattle

  1. Ok, while Female Gamers is ok, I draw the line at using “Female” as a noun.

    Although I’m leaning heavily towards Sisterhood of Northwest Gamers. SoNG. I like that.

  2. It also occurs to me that if you include the word “in” instead of just the letter “i” then you get;

    Women in Gaming: WinG

    Seattle Women in Gaming: SWinG

    Women in Gaming: Seattle: WinGS

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