Geek Girls Rule #97 – Using My Powers for Good!!!

So, we all know about Orson Scott Card’s homophobic paranoia (gay marriage = end of democracy OMG!WTFBBQ!!!!).  Well, the ranks of homophobic SF authors are swelling. 

John C. Wright has posted a screed about the darn homos gettin’ homosex in his Sci Fi on his personal (not friends-locked) journal, which was pointed out here by the lovely and talented Naamah_Darling.  Don’t read the comments on Mr. Wright’s journal if you value your sanity.   I had hoped for people to call him out on his hateful bullshit… Nope.  There are far too many ignorant jackasses in Fandom for that.  Sigh.  I had such high hopes for my nerdy brethren and sistren.  ETA:  Bene informs me that on page 2 of the comments, people start ripping him a new one, so all hope is not lost. 

A few people on Naamah_darling’s post suggested she sell her copies of Mr. Wright’s books and make a donation in his name to PFLAG.

I’ll go one better.  I think we should ALL make donations to the HOMOSEX charity of our choice in Mr. Wright’s name.  And because I am a hateful, mean bitch, I have dug up his agent’s address, and the address at TOR where you can direct the charity of your choice to send Mr. Wright a thank you note in order to further my evil plan.  Let’s make some good out of his hatred, shall we?  Be the change you want to see and all that, right?  So, with no further adieu…

Lifelong AIDS Alliance
Lambda Legal Defense
Matthew Shepard Foundation

Those are just a few of the LGBTQI charities you can donate to.  Now, for where to have those thank you notes sent:

John C. Wright
In care of:  Sternig and Byrne Literary Agency
2370 S. 107th St., Apt. 4
Milwaukee, WI  53227-2036

John C. Wright
In care of:  TOR Books
Tom Doherty Associates, LLC
175 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10010

Orson Scott Card can also be written to care of TOR Books, as well. 

Most charities will not allow you to dictate the text on the thank you cards they send, but if they do, please be polite in what you ask them to say.  And if you decide to complain to TOR books about their authors, remember that you need to be polite and succinct.  Rambling screeds don’t get read, neither does profanity. 

I’m trying to make some good out of the reprehensible attitudes of these two people.  Please, keep that in mind.  And PLEASE spread the word, cross-post this where ever you think it might do the most good.

ETA(2):  Apparently, Mr. Wright has taken down the 13 pages of comments, and added footnotes (per Rob in the comments).  Basically, his footnotes fail.  He claims to not be arguing from a religious standpoint about the HOMOSEX, but I don’t know from what other standpoint he could be arguing.  I mean, it isn’t biologically unnatural, it occurs in nature all the freaking time.  And he certainly isn’t arguing from a position of logic or reason…  Sigh… But all us HOMOSEX supporters are just emotional and hysterical… don’t forget mean.  Some people’s children.

ETA(3):  Please go read Hal Duncan’s response to Mr. Wright.  It is long, but very thoughtfully composed and worded.  I approve highly.

12 thoughts on “Geek Girls Rule #97 – Using My Powers for Good!!!

  1. Been following this one all morning, but one nitpick: if you hit page 2 of the the comments, the people from metaquotes come in and start ripping Wright a new one, so fear not, there’s lots of pissed off fandom in there. Incidentally, on the topic of TOR and their ongoing failparty, PNH’s Twitter has been ‘well, yeah, sometimes we publish people who say things, don’t blame us, btw he said stupid shit’.

    Personally, this bi working Jo from a flyover state isn’t impressed, especially as I was actually thinking about rereading The Golden Age, recently. I’m tempted to personally leave a (polite) note on the door of his agent; the place is not more than a few miles from my house.

  2. Ok, I could only make through about half the first page of comments. It was like slogging through muck. So much stupid and hate.

    Ok, I’ll amend that. Thank you.

  3. Luckily for me, I didn’t read this asshat’s work, so I don’t have to worry about dropping him like a sack of flaming octopi. What a fucking tool.

    Wait, tools are useful. Nevermind. What a dumb asshole.

  4. I read about half of Orphans of Chaos last summer before giving up on it. It was a neat concepts, but he seemed a little obsessed with the physical appearance of his teen-aged heroine.

    Assholes are useful too, especially in regards to homosex.

  5. I don’t have much, but I think I can spare a few bucks just so that twatwaffle gets a nice thank you care for the “homos”.

  6. Wright has locked the post in question, deleted its comments en masse, and edited in his unapologetic and holier-than-thou response.

  7. I love his lying about the dozens and dozens of people who informed him that they plan to boycott his work.

  8. From Wikipedia at the moment…

    “John C. Wright (John Charles Justin Wright, born 1961) is an American author of science fiction and fantasy novels and a bigot.”

    I just thought that was funny.

  9. I know! When I do the Lifelong Aids Walk again this year maybe I’ll dedicate it on his behalf or something! Hehehe

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