At Dragonflight

At Dragonflight right now. The Husband What Rules just ran a game of Elfs.

Come on down and hang out!!  I’ll only be here today, but the Husband What Rules will be here both today and tomorrow.  We have a whole bunch of indy games with us, including Elfs, Primetime Adventures, The Shab-Al-Hiri Roach, Polaris and others!

2 thoughts on “At Dragonflight

  1. I enjoyed reading your Stupid Insomnia Fairy tweet. It reminded me of an episode of Babylon 5 titled “Hour of the Wolf.” Ivanova explained the phrase in the episode.

    Your tweet suggested not only did the wolves have pups but the pups cloned themselves. :o)

    Great blog. I discovered it at Dragonflight. A list of gaming blogs was available at the convention.

  2. Thank you. Yeah, we came up with the Insomnia Fairy several years ago while I was in grad school, and sleeping about two hours a night. One year a friend came out on Halloween dressed as the Insomnia Fairy. She had fairy wings, marked up dark circles under her eyes, gave herself bedhead, wore pajamas and yawned at every one.

    I hope you like the blog. There is an accompanying podcast, I hope you enjoy both!

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