The Artists What I Know Link Category

These are all folks I know well, have met, etc…  I own pieces by a couple of them, and enjoy their work highly. is the blog of my buddy Fes who is currently in school for computer animation.  He’s a super sweet guy and a talented artist.  When he’s done Pixar or Disney would do well to snap him up, or maybe we can coax him into doing indy animation of the sorts of things we’d all like to see. , the site for Jane Patterson.  I’ve known Jane for several years.  Her graduating exhibition “Happy Pill” remains one of my favorite art installments, and I don’t think she’s done any work I haven’t liked.  She does offer prints for sale, and other merchandise. is the business webpage for my friend Sarah Steever, someone else I’ve known for ages and ages.  She’s done some great artwork, both original and in photo manipulation.  She’s an uber talented web designer, and did the Valerie Strangiato site for me, based off of my rather nebulous, “Oh, I don’t know… something boudoir-y…” 

Tormented Artifacts  are the work of Dmitri Abracauskas, who I have known tangentially for several years, but we’ve only really started interacting in the last few.  I really enjoy his art, and just recently bought one of his prints to frame and hang in my office. 

Just a note, most of the stuff I promote here comes from friends of mine, or they are things I really, really enjoy and think everyone should be exposed to.

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