Geek Girls Rule! #90 – Review of Marvel Divas

I freely admit I’m cheating here, because there are enough horrible things in my life right now, so I’m just going to forward you on to Irena Dubrovna’s Review of Marvel Divas and post a few of the more quotable bits here. 

First, I’d like to thank her for taking one for the team by reading and reviewing Divas, especially considering her view that it is, indeed, “worse than even I could have imagined, and no, I’m not exaggerating.”  I thank her from the bottom of my coal black little heart for providing me with an excuse not to read this tripe. 

This quote in particular made my laugh in all my bitter and jaded cynicism:
“I would like to express my condolences to whoever the poor shmuck is currently being forced to watch the entire first season of Sex and the City on DVD. No, really, let’s cover every minute plot intricacy that was borrowed from everyone’s favourite TV show (and by “everyone” I mean everyone with a vagina and/or Ryan Seacrest).”

You know, when the powers that be at Marvel called it like Sex and the City, I don’t think anyone expected such a blatant ripping off.  Irena goes through and lists all the similarities, and they are many and disappointing.  And Superheroine Speed-Dating?   Really?  Really?

And, as we saw with the demise of DC’s Minx line, when women don’t clamour for more of this re-hashed pap gussied up as “Girl Power” the leadership at Marvel is going to crow all about how they gave us what we wanted, and we didn’t buy it so phooey on us.  You know they will.  And when we say, “Yes, but that isn’t what we asked you for,” they will stick their fingers in their ears and sing “La la la la la la can’t hear you!” while they go racing off for the cootie-spray, lest they be polluted by our overwhelming and irrational estrogen. 


Thank you, Irena, for reviewing this.  I’m just not brave enough to do myself.  Everyone go give her props for biting this particularly phallic bullet for us.

More Reviews:
And the one positive review:  By a guy, of course.

4 thoughts on “Geek Girls Rule! #90 – Review of Marvel Divas

  1. Thanks for linking to my review. Irena Dubrovna’s review was right on – and I was surprised how similar our takes were – although given the shallow nature of the whole damn book I shouldn’t be. 🙂

  2. No problem. I’d just like to thank you and Irena for saving me from trying to read this myself.

    You know, if I read four reviews, three by women say it’s a crap depiction of women, and one by a guy says it’s a marvelous depiction of women done with sensitivity, I do not wonder why he can’t get dates.

  3. But surely, we’ll all feel rather silly come issue two, when all this is revealed to be a cunning illusion by some mind-controlling supervillain (is Mastermind still alive? My marvel-knowledge is founded on old X-men TPB’s). The heroines figure out that they’re trapped in a mans vision of the perfect world for women – a man with rather little contact with actual women, I might add, who is very surprised when the heroines see through his illusion, kick his ass so hard he’ll be sitting on his nose and go on to have girl-powered adventures. And then they realise that this world full of misogynist men in need of a beating is an illusion as well, and that they’ll have to figure out how to escape this time…

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