Geek Girls Rule! Podcast #12 – The Whiskey and Cigarettes Podcast

Yes, once again, I podcast with a hashed voice.  Sigh. Gotta happen once a year.

Podcast 12

In this one, I talk about the passing of Wash, Rhythm Heaven, Why Guy Ritchie is the absolute worst person to make a Sherlock Holmes film, Why Francis Ford Coppola still owes me $8 for Dracula, Go Play NW, D&D 4e doesn’t suck, and some other stuff.

Oh, and the Geek Girls! Rule Zazzle Store.

Can’t blog, eating pizza!

4 thoughts on “Geek Girls Rule! Podcast #12 – The Whiskey and Cigarettes Podcast

  1. Hey Michelle, just listened to this – liked it a lot. Downloading the past episodes to give em a listen. Will prob be at GoPNW so maybe I’ll see you there. We should catch up, it’s been a while (15 years I think).


  2. “You must be at least this literate to ride this ride” under a scarlet A is a great T-shirt, although I also like “There’s no Werewolf sex in Dracula!” And now I’m imagining that in the outraged voice of Tom Hanks’ “There’s no crying in baseball!” speech from “A League of Their Own.”

    If Marvel DID hire someone to administer electrical shocks to Joe Quesada whenever he says something dumb, that job should be yours!

    Since giving up all Marvel titles (except Runaways, I’m only human!) over disgust at Civil War I haven’t missed it at all. If Marvel Divas disgusts you but you buy it anyway for the writer, how is Marvel’s strategy not working? Just say no to porn-face!

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