Geek Girls Rule! #88 – Rhythm Heaven

Wow, in a stunning display of coincidence, I managed to buy a brand new DS game just before becoming amazingly ill and housebound.  The Husband What Rules and I were at Best Buy looking for a Who album, and I decided I needed a new game.  I’d seen the Rhythm Heaven commercials with Beyonce (forgive me for the lack of accent, I haven’t figured that out yet), and also read some reviews on a couple of sites, and decided to give it a shot.

This game is far more fun, addictive and challenging than it has any right to be.

Yeah, since picking it up on Monday, I’ve beat all four of the first level games, and the first remix.  I’d probably have beaten more, but I’m on codeine for the coughing, and codeine makes me amazingly stupid, not to mention uncoordinated.

The controls are simple, you only need three basic actions to play (tap, flick and lift).  The games start out simple enough, becoming increasingly complex as you play.  Right now I’m kind of hung up on the Ping Pong game.  I’ve completed everything up to Remix 1 on the “Superb” level.  Getting a “Superb” rating means you get a medal for that level, and medals unlock other minigames for you.

I’m finding it pretty engrossing so far.  The Robot fueling game was the most maddening.  Although Ping Pong is getting there for me right now.  Granted, not having to pause repeatedly to cough my lungs out would probably help.

Honestly, if you’re looking for a good, engrossing timewaster that will keep you occupied for hours, you’ll like this game.  The beats change up to add to the difficulty.  The animations are cute as all get out.  I highly recommend it as a good commute game.  Hopefully, tomorrow I’ll get to play it on the bus and see if it’s possible to keep the beat in a moving vehicle.  I don’t know that anyone under, say, 8 years of age is going to have the coordination to play it successfully, but I’ve been wrong before.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go beat Ping Pong.

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