The Joe Quesada* Drinking Game: Official Rules

*This is in no way endorsed by Marvel, Mr. Quesada or anyone else officially linked to either Marvel or Mr. Quesada.  It is satirical in purpose.


Your favorite booze (with chasers if desired)
The internet
When Fangirls Attack, Newsarama or another comics news site


1. If Mr. Quesada points to an amazingly cheesecaked out female character dressed in string, and says, “That’s a strong female character,” take a shot.
2. If Mr. Quesada says “I can’t be sexist because… (i.e. I listen to P!nk, I have a daughter…),” take a shot.
3. If Mr. Quesada says that the people who are criticizing him should just go away and never read Marvel comics anymore, take a shot.
If Mr. Quesada says we just don’t “get” how these characters are powerful, take a shot.
5. If Mr. Quesada says that the people criticizing him/Marvel Comics obviously don’t read them, and should just shut up, take a shot.
6. If at any time Mr. Quesada or the author/interviewer infers that comic fangirls are just ugly, fat, gross beasts and are jealous of female comic characters, take a shot.
7. Any time Mr. Quesada opens his mouth, take a shot preemptively, it’ll dull the pain of the ensuing stupid.

If anyone else would like to contribute rules to the Joe Quesada drinking game (no affiliation in any way, shape or form with Mr. Quesada or Marvel comics, intended for satirical purposes only, this website does not advocate drinking yourself into a stupor, no matter how it numbs the pain of being a female Marvel fan), please feel free to leave your rules in comments.  At a later date we will collect them all and publish them in another post.   I will also accept suggestions for a Dan Didio Drinking game as well.

Thank you.

With special thanks to the Geek Husband What Rules for helping me codify this many rules.

3 thoughts on “The Joe Quesada* Drinking Game: Official Rules

  1. 8. If Mr. Quesada infers that “sexy” art is simply good business, while simultaneously ignoring that most books with such art are canceled in under two years, take a shot.

  2. The word y’all want is “implies”. The implying person gives you the idea by directing you with their words. The inferring person is the one who takes the idea away from what is being said.

    Sorry. Pet peeve.

    And this, contrary to what Ragnell said, is not a good way to get drunk.

    It’s a good way to get alcohol poisoning.

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