2 thoughts on “Memo: Me Re: Quesada

  1. I don’t know Pink, so I can’t appreciate that part of the text. But I can answer this:

    If you’re [a] Marvel reader and truly feel we’re sexist, then why are you reading our books? Now, perhaps you’re not a Marvel reader, then if that’s the case, I’m not quite sure what you’re criticizing if you don’t read our books?

    I used to collect about 75% of the Marvel titles. I was a die-hard fan. Nowadays, I collect no Marvel title whatsoever. I admit it’s not entirely due to the sexist art found in many books; honestly, trite, repetitive story lines had a lot to do with my gradual abandonment, as did the frequent bait-and-switch moves (start a great title with great people, then give the line to mediocre writers and/or artists.)

    Granted, I don’t buy that many DC titles either except for some in the Vertigo and Wildstorm lines; I wouldn’t want Joe to feel like I’m singling Marvel out. But I never bought as many DC titles back then so the comparative rate of attrition is far less impressive.

  2. There are so many things that bug me about this statement, but I’ll reign it in to a couple.
    1. The all-or-nothing mentality. If I think that it’s sexist, then I should STOP BUYING YOUR COMICS?! Wouldn’t you rather keep customers, you strange little man? Because I’m not allowed to complain if I don’t read Marvel. It’s very “you can’t complain about our club’s rules if you’re not part of the club and you can’t be part of the club if you don’t agree with our rules.”

    2. Pink. Pink is a strong lady. Pink is a sexy lady. Pink looks like a sexy lady WITH RIBS and normal human proportions on the covers of her albums. I’d have much less of a problem with this cover if the thighs of these ladies were not larger than their waists. If they had different body types. If it fit the tone of what they’re trying to sell me. Pink’s album covers fit the tone of what she’s trying to sell me.


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