An update of Sorts.

I’m sorry for the dearth of GGR posts here recently, but between NorWesCon, the deaths of two pets, our fifteenth anniversary, my birthday, and the subsequent birthday purchase of “Animal Crossing:  City Folk,” I’ve been a little preoccupied.  I’ve only played City Folk for about two hours, and haven’t actually gone to the city yet, but I’m liking it.  The Geek Husband What Rules has already stated that he’s moving the Wii and the spare television into the computer room so he can shut me and my chatty little animals away from him before he goes insane. 

We’ve also had a guest hedgehog for the past two weeks while her mom was lecturing in Chicago.  Jasmine is much larger than Kaylee is and Wash was, but she is very sweet and even came out to say hi to Tammy who came to visit on Monday. 

Hopefully this weekend we’ll get a chance to play some D&D 4e, so I can give you a review of that.  I love the character building software my buddy Alex has on his laptop, so we could just plug stuff in and not have to worry about screwing up the math.  I’m playing a Tiefling Swordmage.  Eeeeeeeee!!!!  The Geek Husband is playing an Eldarin Warlord, and I’m trying to bully him into using the voice that Will Wheaton used in the game he played with the PVP and PennyArcade guys. 

Also, I’m hoping to get the Girl Game together once schedules settle down, and one member gets back from a family emergency.  Maybe I should do a post on gaming as a really freaking busy adult.  Scheduling is probably the hardest thing about gaming for me anymore. 

We’ve finally started our Spirit of the Century Girl Genius” campaign, which is a blast.  I love my female Jagr character.  We’re also very much looking forward to Go Play NW.

4 thoughts on “An update of Sorts.

  1. I’m drooling about the Girl Genius campaign. But that’s good it will motivate me to try and make it happen.

    Is this Animal Crossing a little more exciting than the previous one ? I wanted to like the gameplay but the repetitive aspects of all the micro management that goes with it just made me give up after a few hours. If you were to make a mini review that would be neato.

  2. Ooo, the Girl Genius campaign is fun. We each have two characters so that if the storyline is not conducive to the talents of one, we have the other. I’m playing the Jagr character to the hilt, “Zo, Schatzie, vat you vant vis my boy?”

  3. I was really uninterested in steampunk and gonzo uchronia until I started to get into Girl Genius. I’m not even sure what’s about Phil and Kaja Foglio master piece that reconciled me with the genre when Sterling and Gibson didn’t sell me the stuff. Would you care to explain what the campaign keeps from the canon and where it departs from the original story ?

  4. The one thing I found about D&D 4e is that without some kind of software, character creation, leveling, and maintenance is so hard that if you don’t have someone in the campaign willing to do it for everyone, people give up and quit. Man, it was not friendly to me, a seldom-gamer hoping to indulge. Back to Fate styled rules for me!

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