Geek Girls Rule! #78.5 – What am I playing? and More News

I want to start off with a reminder that GGR now has a Zazzle store.  Buy stuff, and support my gaming habit.  It’s expensive.  Role-playing games don’t come cheap.  Well, some of them do, but I really want copies of Houses of the Blooded and Passages.

Also, on the news front, I want to welcome Fandom Savant to the Geek Girls Rule! family.  She is going to be your one stop shop for FanFic news, and also some awesome analyses of television and other media.  She prefers to publish here under a pseudonym, because unlike me, she’s still hoping to get a job in academia some day.  You’ll be able to hear her in the upcoming Geek Girls Rule! podcast 11, just as soon as libsyn let’s me upload it.  We talk about fanfiction, why it is so popular and the different tropes and such.  It really is a magnificent podcast, and really interesting.  And yes, that is Fandom Savant, even though I call her Frog.  We’ve been friends for about 16 or so years now, and you just don’t get through that many years without accumulating some entertaining nicknames.  

Now, what am I currently playing?  We have just started a game of Mouse Guard over skype, with my Geek Sisterhood co-host Sophie Lagace and her husband Edmund, and another friend of theirs, Jason.  I’m very excited.  So far all we’ve done is character creation, but I’m very pleased with my character, a very Aramis-like little mouse named Jasper. 

Also, the Sunday group is now playing two series of Prime Time Adventures simultaneously.  We’ve just started season two of “Mystic Palms” which is our Harry Potter/Beverly Hills 90210/Heathers cross-over.  And we’ve just begun a show about a Japanese chef, trained in France and working in a Cajun Restaurant an hour or two outside of New Orleans, called “Redneck Remoulade.”  We just did the pilot for that one, and it’s fun. 

Every other Friday or so, we have the Spirit of the Century Girl Genius campaign, theoretically.  We have yet to actually play.  Which reminds me, I need to look for our characters.  And the Girl Game, after a couple of month hiatus due to the insanely busy schedules we all keep, is gearing up for another run.  We’re getting ready to convert our Unhallowed characters over to GURPS because I’m more likely to USE the system since I already know it, and I think it will convert just fine. 

That’s about it.  Gaming Radio Network has the first Geek Sisterhood podcast.  I will post the particulars here once I have them.  We have recorded the second and I’m working on editing it this evening.

4 thoughts on “Geek Girls Rule! #78.5 – What am I playing? and More News

  1. Looking forward to listen to the new podcast.

    I had an eye on the T-shirts, and was (almost) looking forward to buying one. It’s not they’re bad… just not very exciting and/or male audience oriented. Now if you get a friend to draw some caricature of you kicking Dirk Benedict in the groin, I’m sure it would make my wallet excited about ordering 😉

  2. Last I heard, you can get a PDF copy of Houses of the Blooded for $5. It’s not nearly as useful as a hard copy of the book. (At least, not for me.) But if you just want to be able to skim through it…

  3. @boulet: I was actually sitting here thinking up a male friendly design this morning: “I Love My Geek Girl” or “I Dig Geek Chicks”

    I don’t know. Any suggestions? What would you like to see as a male-friendly design?

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