Geek Girls Rule! #72 – Help me pop my cherry.

I have a confession.

I have never played an MMORPG.  Never.  Never ever.  Never ever never.

Tonight at the Mister’s work (very postponed because of the Seattle Snowmageddon) holiday party, I became the proud owner of both City of Heroes and City of Villians, as well as three free months of play.  I decided what the hell?

So, my Geeks, tell me, what’s fun to do in City of Heroes/Villians?  The best servers, best bonuses, best powers?

I still haven’t decided which machine to load it on, the laptop or the desktop.  The desktop is probably safer and less likely to get me back from lunch later during workdays.  However, the laptop is most likely to get played so as to capitalize on my three months of free play.

Basically, you people have three months to convince me that this is a worthwhile use of my extremely limited free time.  Go.  Once I set up the account, I’ll post it here so you can hara… I mean, find and help me.

The other loot we picked up tonight included a Champions On-line t-shirt, the PS 238 rpg and1, 2, 4 and 5 of the graphic novels, we also got the Heroes System book The Mentalist, a huge book of American History, a t-shirt from a game controller company that has pictures of the different controllers and says, “Contrary to popular opinion, these do not make me a killer.”  There’s some other stuff, but I forget what.  Essentially the company uses the party to get rid of the schwag that accumulates during the year.  We have an auction with play money, and the bidding gets really heated for some items.  And very, very silly.

That’s about it.  Have a good night, and I eagerly await your advice on CoH/CoV.

8 thoughts on “Geek Girls Rule! #72 – Help me pop my cherry.

  1. So I haven’t played in a while but When I did I know that alot of Seattle folks played on Triumph Server. As far as powers and archtypes that work it would depend on how you like to play. I generally prefer a character with good soloability so I liked playing scrappers(spines/regen) on the good guy side and on villains I played a mastermind which are surprising easy to solo since you have MINIONS! Also if you like debuffing and messing with mobs controllers on the hero side can be a ton of fun at higher levels although they start out kinda hard to play if you’re not used to it.

    I would suggest checking with Stax about stuff since she’s one of the few people I know who still plays.

  2. City of Heroes was the MMO I played for the longest before quitting (about a year). I briefly returned to play CoV as well, but they’re fairly similar. Honestly, the best part about both games is character creation, since they have the most customizable characters of any MMO. I had one character that got fairly high level, but I tended to create lots of characters with wildly different looks and power sets and then play them for 5-10 levels for fun.

  3. CoX is the ONLY MMORPG I play. I am told that Virtue is the “role playing” server, and for my part I have encountered a lot of nice people and good play habits there.

    I play on: Virtue, Triumph, Pinnacle, Champion, Justice. I’ll be happy to run with you and share what I know, and introduce you to MY friends. I have both heroes and villains, though I like playing the heroes better.

    My global is @gamerchick and any of you can page me if I’m on.

    One piece of advice I’ve been following pretty faithfully is re enhancements. I load damage, accuracy and endurance reduction first, and upgrade to double origin/single origin and invention origin as quickly as I can. The reasoning is that you want to hurt them, but you can’t hurt them if you can’t hit them, and you can’t hit them if you don’t have endurance. I also tend to take the fitness pool as soon as I get pool powers. I like to run a little faster than is normal, and it’s never bad to be tougher/have faster endurance recovery.

    I’m much more about trying out interesting builds or building characters to a concept than about being the most effective. Hope to see you on!

  4. I’ve never played CoH, but if you decide to try out another one, I HIGHLY recommend LOTRO. It’s quite possibly the most mature, deep and intelligent MMO I’ve ever played. And it tends to attract more mature players, too.

  5. ” you people have three months to convince me that this is a worthwhile use of my extremely limited free time”

    Hmm… I can’t in any honesty reply in the affirmative to this statement.
    MMORPGs are not a worthwhile use of time. However, they can be pretty fun at times. My main complaint about any MMO is other people.

  6. @Bunny M here, I play on most servers, both villain and hero side, although I tend more towards heroes.

    Most important bit: Join the Livejournal global channel in-game, there’s a bunch of really cool people there, with characters on most any of the servers/factions, who are almost always ready to team or lend a hand. (/chanjoin livejournal, IIRC.)

    As for which AT and powersets to play, that depends upon your play style. Try something you think might be fun, try not to let the costume creator eat too much of your time, and don’t forget to let us know what your global handle is once you enter the game.

    Other than that, have fun, ’cause it’s a game, y’know?

  7. I’m on heroside mainly. On Triumph, and Justice, most of the time.

    I have toons on all servers. I have most of my villains on either Triumph (incidently, that would be where the YOU toon is) or Infinity.

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