Geek Girls Rule! Podcast #9, Part I – Attack of the Girl Gaming Podcasters

This is the first half of a two hour skype discussion that I had with Meg of The Brilliant Gameologists, Kristin of This Modern Death and Jenn of The Trap Cast.

Podcast #9, Part I

In it we discuss how we came to gaming, what we’re playing, the bad female gamer stereotypes, the health of my various pets and say “vagina” a lot.  Please see the podcast page for links to their various podcasts, or google it.  It’s late and I need to get to bed.  Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Geek Girls Rule! Podcast #9, Part I – Attack of the Girl Gaming Podcasters

  1. Very entertaining. It always bugs me when people bring up “that girl” or “the gamer girlfriend” stereotype. Yes, they’re out there, but I think it gets applied unfairly too often. It doesn’t apply when the person is a gamer or if she is making an honest attempt to participate because she wants to see what a big part of her significant other’s life is all about. I think those two situations are more common than the stereotype.

  2. Interesting episode, though the skype effect tends to sound like every one except you are talking inside a metal can tied by a thread. A bit tough to understand at times… (yeah it’s probably because I’m not natural with English). At the very least I discovered new podcasts to explore and that’s nice.

    Part 2 ?? Chop chop ! Should already be online for crying out loud !

  3. Sorry, not a whole lot I could do about that. I’ll be playing with it in the future to see if that can be mitigated.

    But not bad for a $20 mike and laptop speakers.

    Also, I’m limited in how much I can post per month by what I’m willing to pay for Libsyn.

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