4 thoughts on “Geek Girls Rule! Podcast #8 – My Gm-ing style drawbacks in Con Games

  1. Sorry if I was killing your fun.

    In my defense, however, at the time I was merely trying to find a way for my character to be somewhat effective. Surrounded by Son of the Thief, and Son of the Assassin, and comic relief character, I felt like my “Hey I just remembered this!” schick was 1) character concept appropriate and 2) a way for me to be something other than dead weight (literally) in the second half of the game. So that’s where I was coming from.

    Rather than being a special snowflake, I felt that I was just trying to keep from melting.

    That being said, I would have been totally cool with you saying “ret-conning is out! No soup for you!” or even “you’re hogging too much screen time!”.

  2. I certainly would have preferred you saying no than anybody having less fun on my account. Sometimes we just don’t realize when we fuck up other peoples fun when we do it.

    Again, oops.

  3. It wasn’t that you were killing my fun, and most of the fun killing took place in the other game I ran.

    I just need to realize it’s ok to say “no” without worrying about being seen as a big meanie-head. I do realize that it’s pretty much all me and my fussing that’s the real problem, compounded by the fact that it isn’t something I’ve had to deal with much in my regular gaming groups.

  4. cool.

    It really IS OK to say no. I’d much rather have you say no to me than for me to overstep my bounds and make somebody else not happy. And sometimes I (and I suspect most people at one point or another) don’t see the boundary lines we cross because most of the processing power of our brains are devoted to trying to make contributions to the game. The alternative is being overcautious with our contributions to the shared imagined space, which I totally did with the Geiger Counter game I played with Ogre in August.

    So, I guess I agree with you. Boundaries are good for everybody, even the people who cross them.

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