Geek Girls Rule! #62.5 – One More Thing on Women Wrestlers in TNA.

I noticed this watching some of the more recent TNA footage and shows. 

There are a HELL of a lot of ODB shirts out in that audience, on female fans. 

That’s right, on the female fans, not the men.  This NEVER happened with WWE or WCW.  Not with Chyna, and especially not with any of the other women in WWE like Sable, Trish Stratus or any of the new crop of Divas.  But if you watch the crowds during matches on TNA, you’ll see a whole lot of women wearing ODB shirts.  Women are getting behind the female wrestlers in TNA, in droves.  And that is largely because the female wrestlers are wrestlers, not merely eyecandy.  Female fans can identify with ODB, Awesome Kong, Roxxi and even Gail Kim, because they look like normal women.  Muscley normal women, but they aren’t all air-brushed, made up into Playboy perfection.  Roxxi has a shaved head, ODB has some serious thighs and ass (Wooo!), and Awesome Kong just looks powerful!

Take note, WWE, I think TNA has your number.  At least, dear Gods, I hope they do, because WWE since the WCW collapse is just fucking pathetic. 

Long Live TNA!!!

4 thoughts on “Geek Girls Rule! #62.5 – One More Thing on Women Wrestlers in TNA.

  1. I’ve seen ODB wrestle twice and both matches are definitely in my top ten faves. TNA has at least five of the top ten female wrestlers. I would put ODB and Kong in the top ten of active wrestlers of any gender.

  2. Yeah. Prior to this the only female wrestler I’d ever actually bought going up against the guys was Chyna. But I strongly feel that either of those two could kick some serious ass against pretty much any guy out there.

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