The Geek Girl What Rules’ Greatest Hits – GGR #1

Yeah, I haven’t figured out backdating yet, so old columns will be posting alongside the new ones for awhile.

Geek Girls Rule #1 

“Oh my GOD!!”

What was that?

Psst! Over here. That was me, having a minor geek-gasm over the latest issue of Uncanny X-men, in case you were wondering. Yeah, the girl standing over there by the X-titles. The one you wrote off as just marking time until her boyfriend/husband was done with his Geeking.

Surprise! I’m doing some Geeking of my own!

Now, I fully realize that Geek Culture has gotten much more accepting of the Geek Girl than it was, say, ten years ago or so. But I still encounter a fair amount of incredulity when I proclaim my Geek status. At which point I whip out the trump card: Nightcrawler tattoo on the calf. How can I NOT be a Geek with an X-man tattooed on my body.

I didn’t get to fully explore my Geek-ness until I was about 19. I’d tried to start playing RPGs when I was in junior high, however, I didn’t know any other girls who were interested, and all but one of the gamer boys I knew at the time were violently opposed to my joining in their reindeer games. And believe me, when you’re in Boise, ID and surrounded by fundamentalists who all believe Jack T. Chick about D&D, gamers of any gender are at a premium.

By the time I was 19 I’d moved to Seattle, and was hanging out with a bunch of hard-partying reprobates and perverts, and then one night I stopped by on a weeknight, and it just happened to be Gaming night. Well, someone helped me roll up a character for this bizarre D&D, Gamma World, Pern cross-over, they sat me down with some dice and an obsession was born. The story about how I got obsessed with Nightcrawler is for another column.

Now, I belong to at least four gaming groups, and I’m currently running an all-girls Victorian Vampire game for players from just-beginning to been-playing-for-years, who wanted to see what the all-girl dynamic would be like. I do Geek-themed burlesque, adore pro-wrestling, collect comic books, Nightcrawler memorabilia and I am DESPERATE to find someone to play Confrontation with me.

I was asked to do this column to provide you with the Geek-Girl point of view, and I’m more than happy to do that. If you want to send me questions, I’ll answer them. Otherwise, I’ll just natter on about my favorite flavors of Geekitude column after column.


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