Geek Girls Rule! #35 – Podcasts for the Geek in You!

Ok, so I’ve started this column about five times now, each time with a different subject, but this is it. I’m doing it. We’re gonna talk about Podcasts for the Geek World.

First, there are a TON of them out there. From Sons of Kryos to Theory from the Closet to Four Color Heroines, there are a ton of podcasts catering to any number of subjects Geeky. I’m going to hit a few highlights here.

Four Color Heroines. I’ve already talked about this one in a past GGR column, and it is still one of my favorites. You can find it at and I urge you to go listen to it if you are at all into comics and women in comics.

Stabbing Contest. Total Nepotism moment: This is Mr. Geek Girl What Rules’ podcast. Every podcast is the Mister and a co-host talking about gaming for about an hour. I was his co-host for the first show, so if you want to hear my Minnie Mouse with a Head Cold voice, go to his podcast and listen to the first episode. I talk about gaming, Jade Raymond, sex and more gaming stuff.

Sons of Kryos. This is one of the Mister’s favorite Podcasts, and as such I listen to it a lot as well. The Mister has actually had Judd from Sons of Kryos on his own Podcast, and in addition to the Podcast, we actually just sat around and talked for awhile on Skype. Judd’s a great guy and Kryos is a great gaming podcast.

Theory from the Closet. This is one started out as mostly Game Theory, and has migrated to having more interviews with Game Designers and such. Again, since the Mister listens to it so often, I listen to it as well, and I really like Clyde’s interview style.

Escape Pod.  This podcast is Sci Fi short stories read aloud.  It’s great.  Some of the better ones have included “Connie Maybe” and “The Death Trap of Dr. Nefario,” “Squonk the Dragon” and “Jennie Nettles.”  It’s a delightful podcast, the stories are great, and really, it’s almost comically worth it just to hear  Stephen Eley do his “girl voice” when reading female roles.

I don’t have a whole lot of comic Podcasts listed yet, because as I’ve said before, I just recently realized that there were more Podcasts than just the archived shows from Air America Radio (my favorite whinging Lefty radio network). And I hesitate to recommend any Podcast I haven’t listened to, particularly where comics are involved. So I guess my New Year’s Resolution is to listen to more comic Podcasts and let you know which ones are worth a damn.

Happy New Year everybody! And I’ve just recently picked up some Black Canary and the Gail Simone Wonder Woman, so hopefully I’ll be able to throw you my two cents on that before too long.

7 thoughts on “Geek Girls Rule! #35 – Podcasts for the Geek in You!

  1. I have some family trauma surrounding board games, but I’ll play card games for hours.

    On NYE we payed Bohnanza for the first time. It was awesome! We also just picked up Ark, Jungle Speed and Parlay.

  2. [rhetorical] Wow, I genuinely can’t help wondering how you can have that kind of serious trauma surrounding boardgames like that. [/rhetorical]

    I’ve only played Bohnanza a couple of times, all online, and the interface was terrible. Even so, I kind of liked it, and have seriously considered picking up a copy.

    The card games I mostly play nowadays are trick-taking games. My personal favourite is a rather obscure one called Ninety-Nine. I got a Sticheln (kind of a standard deck of cards on steroids – 6 suits that run from 0-20) deck for Christmas, though, and have been enjoying it even more face-to-face than I did playing online. It also is great for try-before-you-buy runs of a buttload of other card games.

  3. Let’s just say the trauma involved endless Monopoly games with two cheating, hyper-competitive relatives when I was small. Oh, seriously, you have no idea.

    Bohnanza was hysterically fun after several bottles of wine on NYE.

    I’ll have to check out that Sticheln deck thing.

  4. Not comics per say, but Old Time Radio style audio drama with soem serious kick butt femail characters:
    One is noir detective with “Trixie Dixon Girl detective” just post WWII she and her detective parterner Black Jack Justice always track down the right answer often despite betting against each other about it.
    The other is The Red Panda, kind of like the Shadow meets the Green Hornet, with a little Batman thrown in. His sidekick and chaufer is Kit Baxter, the Flying Squirell. She’s the violent one, he just uses his hypnotic powers, she kicks the bad guys butts!
    Great shows.

  5. Ooo, those sound awesome!!!! I love old radio shows!!! I have a collection of the old Shadow that a friend just gave me. I have not had time to listen to them.

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