Geek Girls Rule! #32.5 – The Transformers Movie

I just saw this last night. 

Yes, I know.  Bad Geek, no biscuit.  But the Mister and I don’t make it out to movies very often.  It used to be because we both worked in a nightclub.  But since he got the dayjob, it’s because our bedtime is no later than ten, as we get up at five every morning.  Except for weekends, when most theaters are zoos, movies aren’t a very do-able leisure activity for us.

So, the Roomie Netflixed The Transformers movie.  Now, I wasn’t hugely excited about the movie when I heard about it because I’m just a touch older than most hardcore Transformers fans.  But it sounded fun.  Last night the Roomie gave us the the choice of a Spalding Grey film or Transformers, and since I was spending my time baking birthday cookies for the Mister (Happy Birthday, Darling), I opted for something I figured didn’t need huge amounts of my concentration to follow.

And it didn’t require a great deal of effort to follow along.  Dorky boy gets less than bitchin’ car.  Lusts after girl.  Car is a jerk in the name of helping.  Save the world, blah, blah blah….Ok, all of that said, I laughed my ass off when the car was chasing him on his mom’s bike “Satan’s Camaro is in my front yard.” 

And I almost cried with joy the first time I saw Optimus Prime Transform.  Seriously, I stopped what I was doing and came out of the kitchen to watch it, and my throat got a little thick.  The CGI in that film was amazing.  And I wholeheartedly agree with several of my friends who saw it, “Less talking, more giant robot porn.”  The fight scenes were made of joy and unicorn sprinkles.  OH.  MY.  GOD.  I so truly regret not seeing this on the big screen now. 

Granted the whole, “Nerdy guy gets the hot girl” thing annoyed me a touch just because there’s rarely a “Nerdy girl” analog to that, but I was glad that she turned out to be useful.  Using the saws-all on (edited to fix name) Soundwave was fucking awesome, that and knowing how to hotwire a car.  She definitely got points for that.  And, the Mister would like to nominate the animated pop-machine for coolest throwaway “character” in a movie ever.  And, yeah, I started to cry when they took Bumblebee away from Sam, and again when he got him back, and again when his legs got ripped off.  I’m a girl, what are you gonna do?

I’m pretty sure I’m going to be picking this up in the near future so I can get my Giant Robot Porn fix whenever I feel like it. 

7 thoughts on “Geek Girls Rule! #32.5 – The Transformers Movie

  1. There is an analog of the “nerdy girl gets the hot guy”, but it’s usually in the form of “nerdy girl turns out to be secretly a hottie and gets the hot guy.” It is unfortunate that while both archeplots are in some ways about seeing beneath the surface, it ends up being that if you look beneath the surface of a nerdy guy you get a personality and maybe great looks, but if you look beneath the surface of a woman you just get another surface.

  2. The closest I’ve ever seen to “Truly Nerdy Girl(not just Hot Girl in Glasses) gets the Hot Guy” is “Nerdy Girl gets Nerdy Guy” in Real Genius.

    Or, as in Sixteen Candles where the less than popular but still adorable and not particularly nerdy girl gets the hot guy.

    I did like how Not Another Teen Movie lampooned that trope of Teen films, how the jocks would all rather date the conjoined twins rather than the girl with (ugh) glasses. I thought that poked marvelous fun at it.

  3. Ditto! Ditto ditto ditto! I went into the movie the same as you – watched it for the hubs. Right about the first time I saw Bumblebee transform, I was hooked. I wandered around the house for days saying “Autobots! Roll Out!” in my best Optimus Prime voice.

  4. As I am part of the Hasboro generation, did you notice that the little girl by the pool (in which Optimus Prime lands) is holding onto a stuffed my little pony? Sorry, bit of amusement for me.

    Glad to know you enjoyed it. I just want more robot action.

  5. I was the same way – less talky, more robots. When Optimus Prime showed up for the first time and started talking with that old gruff Peter Cullen voice, I felt this swell of excitement that I hadn’t had since I was a little nerdgirl. I looked over at my fiance and tears were in his eyes. I liked the film, and even though some things were changed around, I think Michael Bay did an okay job.

    Now let’s hope they don’t screw up “Thundercats: The Movie”. :-/

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