Geek Girls Rule! #820 – Curse you, Weather!!!

So, we’re supposed to move next weekend, and currently there is five inches of snow coating our incredibly steep driveway.  I may be delaying our U-Haul reservation by a week.  

We’ll see. It depends how long it lasts.  

Snow typically doesn’t last more than a few days here.  But it’s supposed to stay in the 20s this week, which is nigh unheard of here.  Or used to be.  

Christmas was good.  

The nephew loves his skateboard, thankfully.  My sister sent me a video of him walking himself through some moves on the carpet.  Also pictures of him sledding.  

I may have splurged on a couple of games for my Switch. Kentucky Route Zero and Death’s Door.  I’ve seen some great reviews of both of those.  I’ll review those once I play them.  

As I type Death’s Door is still downloading.  

I don’t have a lot right now, and depending on how things look I may grant myself posting amnesty for Wednesday.  If it doesn’t look like the move is going to happen, then I’ll post.  If not, I might be too busy.  

Stay warm and safe guys.  Mask up, and get boosted, and take care of yourselves.  

At least I can work from home. 

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