Geek Girls Rule #814 – New Podcasts!!!!

It’s not an addiction.  I can stop any time. 

So, these two podcasts are pure fun.  

Garden Plots with Skeletor and Hard Choices.  

These two podcasts are also brought you be some of the same folks who do Smash Fiction which I have not yet listened to.  Apparently Smash Fiction is the podcast incarnation of “Who would win in a fight?”  It’s on my list.  

Anyway, Garden Plots with Skeletor, man, autocorrect hates that name, is about Skeletor of He-Man fame, giving gardening and plant advice.  Really, actual good plant advice, while dealing with incompetent minions, accidentally revealing some inner truths about himself, and being snarked at by his podcasting producer, who is Hordak’s niece.  

The segment, Will It Kill Beastman? is particularly entertaining, and informative.  This is how they explain which house and garden plants will harm your pets.  Through describing what happens when Beastman eats a plant, they describe the effects it may have on your dogs or cats should they ingest it.  It’s pretty clever, actually.  

Beastman spends a lot of time in the cone of shame.  

Also in a glass box full of moths suspended over a bottomless ravine.  

Apparently through researching plants and gardening so they made sure to get the information right, the podcasters accidentally became plant folks.  

That’s how they get you.  

That and people randomly gifting you plants.  

Hard Choices is more like Smash Fiction, except that they take the characters of a media property, say 90s Star Trek, the MCU, or LotR, and rate 21 of them by fuckability, explaining their rankings with a quick one or two sentence comment.  Each host also gets three BIG FEELS that they can call on to expound further on their rankings.  

I’ve only listened to the MCU one so far, and laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe. 

Warning:  Do not listen to this while you’re driving.  We nearly died.  

Ok, not quite, but there was a little panicked braking for a bit there.

Highly recommend, although completely and utterly not safe for work.  

Garden Plots with Skeletor is safe for work, so you won’t need headphones for that one if you’re in the office.  

In other news, we are approaching packed for the move.  The majority of the books and other media are in a storage space where we’re staging things.  Now we’re getting down to stuff we use and weird and hard to pack stuff, like art and the giant Millennium Falcon model that Mr. Bodewell gave us before he moved.  

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