Ok, for real…

I’m going to start posting over here again, I promise.

Just, everything is so exhausting. Ugh. Pandemic, new job, and we’re moving…

The new job was at the start of the pandemic, and I still mostly love it. I am trying to decide how to bring over a bazilionty older posts and still get the newer ones out there. I think I may start with the newer ones and gradually bring the older ones over. I think I can adjust the dates so they fall in the right order.

The new house will be nice once we get moved. It’s just… moving. D


Packing is the Devil.

At least it’s an impetus to get rid of more crap, I guess.

I have next week off, so I’ll be able to focus on getting this caught up when I’m not packing. l

Thanks to any of you who are still hanging in there.

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