Geek Girls Rule Giveaway!!!!

Ok, so the other day I was going through my emails and got one from Papersource, talking about customizable journals.  So I bopped on over to the website, and lo and behold there they were.  Different covers that you could have things added to for personalization.  
And because we all know geek girls are unicorns, I chose a unicorn design, with the web address emblazoned below it. 
It is still in its plastic, I opened it only enough to feel the paper, which is nice.  
So, if you would like a chance to win this journal, leave a comment on this post with your superhero alter-ego name.  Names will not be judged, I just really want to see what you come up with.  
I will leave comments open the post in my Patreon (you must comment on the Patreon, it is a public post) until Thursday, September 14th, because I will be out of range of internet from the 10th until the 13th.  
I’ll print out all the names, drop them in a hat or jar and draw one at random.  There is no age limit.  I may regret this, but I will ship anywhere that a postal service will reasonably deliver to.  
Good luck!

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