Geek Girls Rule! #373 – Batten Down the Hatches, There’s a Thing Dudes Can’t Do

So the Alamo Drafthouse  in Austin, TX decided to hold a women-only screening of Wonder Woman four days after opening night. And predictably the sorts of men who decry earbuds  as the death knell of human (their) sexuality because they allow women to ignore their unwanted advances have been losing their shit over it.  Whereas most of the dudes I know are all like, “No, I totally get it.”

And as always, the dude-pologist women are climbing out of the woodwork to declare themselves Chill Girls, unlike like those “man-hating ” feminists.

Having been a Chill Girl in my youth, I have little patience with Chill Girls over the age of 25.

Here’s a few points to consider:

This is a business, and as such they have the right to refuse service to anyone.  And I know someone is going to bring up the bakery and the gay couple. Don’t. We can talk about false equivalence all day but I have better things to do.

It’s a movie. A completely voluntary and unnecessary activity, unlike, say a tech company holding a business meeting in a strip club.

No one is saying they can’t go to any other screening of dozens, either there or at another theater.

The first screening sold out in just over two hours. The second women only screening, scheduled because of the success of the first, sold out in under two hours.  So obviously a lot of women want this. Alamo Drafthouse is merely meeting a demand of the Free Market.

So here’s a thing to think about, dudes who are losing your tiny minds about this. Maybe, just maybe some women want to see their hero without some skeezy jerk hitting on them. Maybe some mothers want to take their daughters to see this without them having to listen to your comments on her (Wonder Woman’s, or said mothers’ or daughters’) tits, ass, or perceived sexual performance.  Maybe YOU are the reason these screenings exist, since you refuse to treat women as if they’re human beings, or police your own fucking behavior.

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