Geek Girls Rule! #359 -Captain America does not approve of your shenanigans

Actual Cinnamon Bun Chris Evans

Yeah, I’m on this again.  In part because Chris Evans is a fucking treasure and has been fighting with David Duke on twitter, if you want to find Captain Bigot’s twitter, you can google that shit. I’m not linking.  In case you forgot, David Duke was Grand Wizard (and they call us dorks) of the Ku Klux Klan, so raging fucking bigot.  Got it? Great.

Anyway, Chris Evans, taking a page out of Cap’s playbook has been calling out David Duke’s bigoted ass.

For some reason this set me off on the “Captain America would not approve, you assholes,” tweetfest below:


I do want to say, to anyone roughly my age, your grandfathers did not go get shot at in Europe for shits and giggles.  They went to protect Democracy from Facists, and we have fallen down on the fucking job with this last election.

Time to take it back guys.

And before anyone asks why I’m talking politics on a nerd blog, I am a huge politics nerd.  I follow it all the time, even when I don’t post about it here.  But the time for silence is over.

There. I think I’m done.  For the time being.  There will be more politics going on, because being a nerd is not going to protect anyone from being deported, arrested, or victimized by these fucking nazis people elected to office and their creepy little buddies.

BTW if you hear Nazis spouting hateful bullshit, I recommend a few rousing choruses of “I’m Henry the VIII” by Herman’s Hermits.  Hey, I’m a punk rock vocalist, I can do that shit all day.


Honey Badger has a show this coming Sunday at the Gamma Ray Lounge in Seattle, 7pm. We are the only band.  It’s for a stellar human being’s birthday, so come on up, get a drink, play a game and listen to some loud punk rock.


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