Geek Girls Rule! #354 – On Punching Nazis

Sorry, I missed Monday, guys.  I was in the Women’s March on Saturday, which was fantastic, and full of nerdy signs!  And I do want to talk about that.  But I also want to talk about why I missed Monday:  Because I was busy arguing about the ethics of punching nazis in the face.

I do not capitalize nazi, because they don’t deserve it.

As you know, during the Inauguration of the Cheeto-stained shit gibbon this Friday, one of the black bloc punched Neo-nazi Richard Spencer while he was being interviewed for Australian television.  I, and most right thinking humans, have spent the last several days celebrating this fact.

On the other hand a crowd of people who have a couple of things in common have come crawling out of the woodwork to tell us how wrong that is.  It is almost entirely cis, het, white dudes.  You know, the last ones who would be up against the wall if Spencer and his creepy little buddies got their way, and almost none of them have ever dealt with nazis, neo- or otherwise, in real life.

If you lived in the Pacific Northwest in the late 80s/early 90s you could not avoid neo-nazis.  They were fucking everywhere.  They killed people.  The Geek Husband What Rules was part of a crew of SkinHeads Against Racial Prejudice (SHARPs) who drove the nazis out of Seattle.  The Geek Husband What Rules has actually punched nazis, and recommends punching the shit out of them whenever they show their evil little faces.

Because let’s get one thing clear, as I said on my twitter:

Advocating genocide and ethnic cleansing isn’t a difference of opinion.
It’s premeditation.

This is not a “Let’s hear the other guy out,” situation, because the other guy wants to kill a whole lot of my friends and family.  They don’t like POC, LGBTQIA and I have some bad news for Milo Yiannopolis, once his utility is done, they’ll turn on him.  If they do get their way, he’ll find himself on the wrong side of their weapons, too.


So, yeah, I am definitely on team pro-nazi punch.

Now, as I’ve said elsewhere I certainly don’t advocate that everyone punch nazis (although it would be nice).  But some people have limitations that have to be considered.

Things to consider before punching nazis in the face.

1. Am I willing to go to jail for this?

Justified or not, punching people is assault, and as I’m sure you’ve all noticed super macho right wing tough guys are the first to call the cops when faced with the consequences of their actions.

2. Can I afford to go to jail for this?

Do you have kids? Can you afford to miss work? Do you have a safety net that can catch you? These are valid concerns.  Weigh them carefully.

3.  Can I physically handle getting hit back?

It may well happen, since most people will hit back when punched.  Some of us are A-OK with taking a punch. Others either aren’t or probably shouldn’t. Know your limits.

4. Can I afford bail and/or a lawyer?

The ACLU will be no help to you.  Once upon a time select chapters of more radical Jewish organizations would offer help like this, but they have to know who you are and what you’re up to. Not naming names in a public post.

There is no reasoning with people who have decided that millions of people they’ve never met are the reason for the heaping misfortune that old rich whilte dudes and their own bad choices have inflicted on them.  I’m not surprised we’re seeing a resurgence in neo-nazis, what I am surprised at is the press and the government legitimizing them like they have been.

Here’s a few links:

Nazi shoots anti-facist activist trying to break up a fight, but we’re all up in arms about poor Dickie Spencer.  –

And here’s an old school punk to tell you why you drive nazis out as fast as you fucking can:

That last link pretty much perfectly sums up what it was like in the Seattle area when the Boneheads tried to invade.

I’m going to try to get the Geek Husband What Rules to talk about what that was like back in the day, so you have some idea what you’re talking about before you start telling me how wrong I am to punch facists who want me and my friends dead.

Also, here is the International Anti-Facist Legal Defense fund.  They’re covering legal fees for the black bloc protestors arrested during the inauguration.

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