Geek Girls Rule! #345 – Period Panties by Harebrained Design

So, yeah, this blog is called Geek GIRLS Rule! and one of the things many Geek Girls have to put up with, along with many other girls, are periods.   Yeah, I know.  I asked my gynecologist to take my uterus out, since I wasn’t planning on using it.  I had a whole spiel, ending with, “…and then we put in a teflon pouch with a zipper and I never lose my car keys again! I’ve always wanted to be a marsupial!”  
She did not think I was funny, nor did she remove the accursed organ.  So, periods. 
Now there are many different kinds of period products outside the realm of traditional pads and tampons.  Side note, I am bitterly jealous of Australian women who get fun facts on their feminine hygeine product wrappers.  I’m telling you a brand of pads with sharks on the wrapping and fun shark facts would be a gold mine.  Anyway, apart from the traditional, we have the Diva Cup , Lunapads , Thinx , Dear Kate who also have period yoga pants, and now Period Panties  by Harebrained Design in both brief and boyshort styles.  
Now a few things about Thinx and Dear Kate in comparison.  They both have more styles, but are also WAY more expensive, and Thinx’s idea of plus size is laughable.  Honestly, both Dear Kate and Harebrained at least go up to a 3X, which is the equivalent of an 18/20 in pants sizes, but still not a very large range.  And Harebrained has far better patterns.
Speaking of patterns… The delightful thing about the Harebrained period panties is that they have these wonderful designs on them.  I personally own Cunt Dracula , Shark Week , and Malice in Underland .  Other designs include Camp Blood , Jurassic Period , and Crime Scene  along with many more.  
Harebrained also has other products of a geek nature as well, including onesies, t-shirts and tank tops.  
I have had my period panties since Geek Girl Con  in October, and I’ll be honest with you, they’ve gone into regular rotation in my underwear drawer, not just for periods.  They’re comfortable, and the same qualities that make them excellent period panties, make them fantastic for the gym.  And with a price set at about a third of what the other period panty makers are charging, they are super affordable.  
Now if I could just get Shark Week branded pads to keep in my bag in case my stupid uterus ambushes me.  

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