Geek Girls Rule! #342 – What the shit Fandom?

Yeah, I missed Tuesday.  I went back to the gym Monday night for the first time since the stupid surgeries, and after the personal trainer made me do ALL THE SQUATS, I hurt and after nomming all the things when I got home, I crawled into bed with a bottle of ibuprofen.

gail-simoneSo Gail Simone, fine comic author and shit-stirrer extraordinaire, has found herself in a war with a faction of Arrow fandom, the TV show fandom, not the comic fandom.  Not being elitist, just mentioning because several of the folks pissed off at her right now don’t seem to know who she is or what she’s done.  I.e. having written many of the characters they’re telling her she doesn’t “get.”

Apparently the segment of the Arrow fandom who are most pissed at Gail are the Olicity shippers (You do know in the comics canon he marries Black Canary, right?).  Which, fine, I get it.  I have shipped unpopular pairings, I get that you get tired of listening to people slam your pairing, but pick your fucking battles, people.

Things ya’ll should know about Gail Simone:

  1. She has stated she doesn’t actually watch the show Arrow.
  2. She tends to make shit up just to fuck with people, especially her friends.
  3. As I said before, she’s actually written many of the characters on that show who came from the comics in other series.
  4. She is a force of fucking nature on the side of good.
  5. Women in Refrigerators.
  6. It’s a television show.

OK, so that last one isn’t actually about Gail.  But come on, you guys.

Gail Simone trolls folks for the lulz all the time, but she isn’t mean-spirited about it, with a few notable exceptions, like Donald Trump Sr. or Jr.  I am not going to claim she’s never said or done anything problematic, because she has tweeted a few things that made me make the “Oh, no,” face.  For the most part she isn’t mean, but if you take yourself too seriously or come at her aggressively she will most certainly up her game.

So, listen up, folks.  If you quit poking her, she will quit poking you and move on to more fertile fields, like Cyclops fans.  Or Brian Michael Bendis.

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