Geek Girls Rule! #334 -Monsterhearts 2 Kickstarter

All right, I don’t do a lot of promotion here, because I generally enjoy ranting more.  But periodically, I feel like I need to promote the hell out of someone or something, and this time it’s the Kickstarter for the second edition of Monsterhearts.

I love the original Monsterhearts, and I have definitely voided the warranty on it by using it in settings far outside of the purview of the original.  My current favorite is setting it in Weimar Berlin Cabaret Culture.  It works so very well for that.

monsterhearts-siteAlso, I feel like I need to get it out there that Avery is a friend, and has been since long before the release of the original Monsterhearts.  It is possible my affection for them colors my view of the game, but honestly, if it does, it is such a very small part of why I think the game is awesome as to be negligible.

The game makes on the spot chargen really simple, by providing Skins that have Moves (actions) on them that you choose from, as well as a list of names and looks.  It really works well for convention play in that way.

However, the game does encourage exploring very sexually charged situations and character interactions.  Avery talks about the fact that they wrote it while transitioning.  And I do know several folks who shy away from it because it so unapologetically looks at sex.  But if being overtly sexual with friends or strangers in character doesn’t bother you, check it out.  Each Skin comes with a Sex Move that outlines what happens when the character has sex with someone, everything from giving the sexual partner a boon of some sort, to harming them.

The game is explicitly about teenaged monsters making bad decisions and dealing with the repercussions of those decisions.  It encourages exploring sexuality in an environment divorced from actual sex, so safer in a lot of ways.

I still find the original Monsterhearts to be really refreshing and enjoyable to play.  I’ve already backed 2, and I can’t wait until it drops.

ETA:  I have since withdrawn my pledge for Monsterhearts 2.  It makes me really sad to have done it, but I have reasons.

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