Geek Girls Rule! #322 – Review: Deadpool


Deadpool!  Finally saw it.

Yeah, the weekend we were going to go initially I was in the hospital, then more surgical crap, then the plague…  So, yes, last night we went to the boozy theater and finally watched Deadpool.

I loved it.

It was not without its problematic bits.  There was a transphobic joke, a fat joke, and Al, a blind, elderly, black woman, who wound up being the butt of Deadpool’s jokes.  Problematic, yes.  But Al was not , without her own agency.

Anyway, I feel like they really captured the chaotic essence of Deadpool’s comic, complete with fourth wall breaks and non-chronological storytelling, in this movie.  Ryan Reynolds did a fantastic job as Deadpool, and he’s been knocking it out of the park in interviews about women and superhero movies.  Morena Baccarin was great, if almost unrecognizable until later in the movie (see my many earlier rants about gorgeous actresses who get breakout parts and then are coerced into losing weight to fit the Hollywood ideal).  Gina Carana did a great job, and her fight with Colossus was great.  Brianna Hildebrand was amazing as Negasonic Teenage Warhead!!!  Ed Skrein played evil mutant Ajax (Francis) with so much menace.

The CGI was really well integrated and not intrusive, the fight scenes that didn’t rely on CGI were choreographed beautifully.  And Deadpool’s running commentary was hilarious.  Ryan Reynolds has this amazing ability to be both the wise-cracking, frenetic merc with a mouth, and heartbreakingly poignant, often in the same scene.  The scene in the oncologist’s office, where Vanessa is talking to the doctor, and he’s just memorizing her face made me cry.


I really enjoyed that Vanessa has some agency.  Yeah, she gets grabbed by the bad guys, but once Deadpool throws his sword through the tank so she can breathe, she gets herself loose, and stabs Francis, I mean Ajax with it.  And at the very end, when she punches Deadpool a couple of times before he says his piece.  Yes, he removed her agency when he left her, but he gave it all back to her in the end.

Also, should I be worried that both the Geek Husband What Rules and I  were like, “Awww, they have our relationship!!”

This movie is not for everyone. If senseless violence and mayhem, constant off-color jokes, boobs and terrible puns are not your thing, you’re gonna hate this movie.

The holiday montage made me laugh out loud.  “Happy International Women’s Day.”

I think we may pick this one up on Blu-Ray.

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