Ta DA! I Return!

Hi!  So, um, yeah…  getting your gall bladder out kind of messes you up for awhile.  But I’m feeling a lot better.  Just did Norwescon, and it was spectacular.  The only complaint about programming we got was “rooms too small, lines too long.”

Rachel Edidin came up to be a panelist and rocked my earth and sky.  G. Willow Wilson is the sweetest human being I think I have ever met.

There may or may not be photos of me in my Winter Soldier hoodie making out with my friend Minim Calibre, in her Captain America hoodie.  Which, if the Geek Husband What Rules had been a little quicker on the button, would have had George RR Martin in them.

I met a gender bent Captain America cosplayer who is a real life Avenger, and tons of other fantastic people!

Since we got back, the Enemy of Sleep has been attached to me like a limpet.

It’s late, I should get to bed.  Um, hi!

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