Geek Girls Rule! #310 – Sure, it’s about ethics in gaming journalism

I know, sweetie.  I feel this way, too.  "Bernadeta" by Roland Lakis on Wikimedia Commons
I know, sweetie. I feel this way, too.
“Bernadeta” by Roland Lakis on Wikimedia Commons

So, I got to come home and have what I thought would be an awkward conversation with my room-mates last night.

“Yeah, friends of mine are being doxxed on the ‘net by GamerGaters, and I just wanted to let you guys know that it it’s probably coming for me, too.”

They took it pretty well.  As a rule, we are a peaceful people, until riled.  Although one of my room-mates did offer me the use of her full-sized bat’leth.

But girls can’t be nerds, yo.

Anyway, I’m not scared of it.  Right now I’m in what the Geek Husband What Rules refers to as the “Oh Jesus, hide the knives!” stage of angry.

I’m perfectly calm.

I sound completely reasonable.

I am so unbelievably angry right now that hiding the knives is probably the wisest course of action.

One friend in particular, who got doxxed, isn’t a game dev or a game reviewer.  At all.  She just made anti-GG statements.  And now her private information is out there for all the jackoffs to see.

So, tell me again how it’s about ethics in gaming journalism.


However, I have decided to take a cue from a friend of mine on a couple of women in geekdom panels.  I don’t want this post to be purely anger and rage.  I want something good to come of it.

I would like all the nerd girls out there to take a moment, and think about how you can help other nerd girls in this time of great fucking adversity.  Call, send a card, send an email that says you have their back, AND MEAN IT.

I do.  I got your back.  If these shitheads have you down, and you need a pick me up?  If you have my number, text me.  PM me in Twitter, or hit me up on Facebook.  Even if all I can do is tell you that you are smart and pretty, and that this horseshit will pass, I’ll do it.  If there is anything else I can do, I will do it.  If you’re in my area and are scared to be alone, and I can get to you, I will do it.  We need to stick together more than ever.  We need to have each others’s backs.  Ideally, I’d like for us to form a big phone or email tree that we can call on , I don’t know if folks feel safe doing that, and I don’t blame them.

But I mean it, if you need me, ping me.  I can at least tell you that I like you and think you’re neat.

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