Geek Girls Rule! #305 – I Love Being a Nerd

So, this year at Geek Girl Con a bunch of us were going to Crosplay as an all women Capt. America and the Howlin’ Commandos.  I was going to dress up as Dum Dum Dugan.

Sadly, our ringleader will not make it, and due to a bunch of other bullshit, I don’t feel like I could do it justice in the time and budget I have allotted.  Which means it’s put off for a year.

But you know what that means?

I can totally knit this.
I can totally knit this.

That means I can knit the PERFECT Dum Dum Dugan sweater!!!!  Cascade 220 makes an OD Green and a brown that will work.  I’ve examined the stills, it’s a basic Donegal style, with a mock turtle neck, knit in Stockinette so it rolls, no smaller ribbing at wrists, neck or waistband, probably knit on size 6 needles.

Nerd Knitter Powers, Activate!

I have at least two projects I need to finish first, but I’m pretty sure I can get those done, pick up the yarn (or if I don’t like the colors when I see them Knitpicks sells undyed wool in the lengths and weights I need, that we can RIT bath ourselves).

We’ve found pants that will work and will fit my hips, which have gotten smaller since the last time I measured them, oddly enough.  Also I do need a new pair of combat boots anyway, and we found a couple Surplus stores in the area which are still actual Surplus stores, and had to stop myself from buying an awesome Hungarian Army backpack, and a new bush jacket.  The one Surplus store actually had the vintage ankle boot style combat boots that would be period appropriate.

Mwaa haa ha ha aaaaaa!

So, I might try to get this done in time for Norwescon.  We’ll see what happens, if life plays fair or throws more internal organ bullshit my way.  We’ll see.

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