Geek Girls Rule! #304 – Gatekeepers are the Enemy

This is a valid approximation.
This is a valid approximation.

You know, I was just commenting to someone that it had been MONTHS since the words cunt, bitch, rape, slut, whore or fat pig had shown up in my moderation queue, and I was thinking how NICE that was.

Then this shit had to start.

So, as I told the Geek Husband What Rules, I’m just gonna pull out this great big target, dust it off, and hang it around my neck again.

So, yeah, the overgrown whiner babies keep trying to make the label of “gamers” exclusive to people having both a penis and an Axe-bodyspray addiction, have subjected Anita Sarkeesian to a new torrent of abusive tweets, emails and other bullshit, some specific enough for her to call the police and flee her home.

Add to this, the treatment of Zoe Quinn based on the rantings of a jilted ex-boyfriend, because he claimed she’d slept with a Kotaku game reviewer for a positive review of her game, Depression Quest.  EXCEPT THAT HE NEVER FUCKING REVIEWED IT YOU MOUTH-BREATHING, COUSIN-FUCKING DOUCHEBAGS!!!!!!!

Look, I had planned to come home and blog about how much I loved Guardians of the Galaxy, and how it made me cry more than Thor and the first Captain America movie combined, and how fucking awesome the soundtrack is.  But no, I get to read on Twitter all about the Douchelords beating their ineffectual fists on their Island Splash-scented chests in the sweltering summer commute air, and threatening women for having opinions.

Fuck.  You.

I have no words for anyone who thinks threatening women with rape, beatings, death, or doxxing, etc… is a debate tactic, or even remotely OK.  “Cunt” is not a debate tactic.  “Cunt” is a derogatory term utilized by people who already know they’ve lost the debate, and who just want that uppity bitch to shut the fuck up so their weiner doesn’t have to fall off or whatever the fuck they’re afraid of if people notice, “Yeah, comics and videogames DO treat their female characters poorly.”

Look, we’re not telling people they can’t make, play, enjoy shitty misogynist games.  We’re just asking you to recognize that yes, they’re shitty and fucking misogynist.  Play GTA all you fucking want, I don’t care.  I’ll be over  here with Marvel Heroes, not raping and murdering hookers as a form of entertainment, thanks.

Seriously, yes, there are times when I judge the fuck out of people for the games they like.  Just like I judge the fuck out of anyone who reads Lolita and comes away thinking Humbert Humbert is a sympathetic character.


And honestly, I have been known to give people some slack on the videogame question if they are aware that the game they’re playing is misgynist and don’t try to excuse it.  I mean, I fucking love terrible slasher movies and those are misogynist as fuck.  The big difference here being that I acknowledge that they’re misogynist instead of stomping around grunting “Nuh-UH, bitch!”  This is the thing.  We’re not, not me, not Anita Sarkeesian, not telling you not to enjoy your games.  We’re just saying that maybe we should have more protagonist choices than stubbly white dude, and just maybe women shouldn’t be treated as though they have less agency than your average lamp.

If critique of something you like is enough to send you into a tailspin of a tantrum that leads you to make death and rape threats against someone, then you seriously need to re-evaluate your life choices, pal.

And here is where I would typically attempt to get you to empathize with me, by assuring you that I share and understand the life of the unpopular nerd, and that I feel your pain.

Not today.

Today I’m too pissed off that your parents didn’t raise you better.

I’m a little too busy feeling my own pain, and the pain of the other women assholes have devoted hours to driving off the internet and destroying their livelihoods.

So, do me a favor, and quit making my hobbies look like the province of perpetual adolescents who wouldn’t know real oppression if it walked up punched them in the junk.

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 *Ok, seriously, how did we get from Pong, Asteroids, Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man, Centipede and Galaga to raped female corpses as decoration.  I mean shit, even in the Houses of the Dead games, most of the zombies are male.  


4 thoughts on “Geek Girls Rule! #304 – Gatekeepers are the Enemy

  1. I am a male first generation gamer. I started with pong, and never looked back. Frankly, I never understood the vitriol towards female gamers. From my perspective, that seems to start in the late 90s. I don’t remember any of me female friends who gamed or went to the arcade parlor, as we were want to call them in days of yor, who talked about harrassment.
    I just don’t get it.
    Good luck and keep up the good work.

  2. Maybe we need a shift of thought leading to action. The harassers are making credible criminal threats to individuals, for the purpose of silencing speech or effecting policy change. Sounds like the federal definition of terrorist threats that should be prosecuted by the FBI and the US Department of the Treasury? Maybe this should be the next White House website petition? All you need is 100k endorsements in 30 days?

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