Geek Girls Rule! #301 – Children’s Vampire Hunting Brigade

So, Creator’s Edge Press has a new graphic novel coming out:  The Children’s Vampire Hunting Brigade.  And it’s pretty fucking awesome.  The graphic novel contains all four issues of the mini-series.  The art is good and evocative, black and white.  The story is compelling.

Gavin an Doug, in the background are Lucy and Amanda, who come in later.
Gavin an Doug, in the background are Lucy and Amanda, who come in later.

Gavin and Doug are two ne’er do wells in Edinburgh who get caught drinking in the cemetery by the caretaker.  After yelling at them, he tells them the story of the Children’s Vampire Hunting Brigade, and the defeat of the vampire with the iron-teeth.  Shortly thereafter they are set upon by vampires, and the two teens flee to the mausoleum where they were caught drinking.  As the sun rises and the vampires flee they find the caretaker, dying, and he tells them to go contact other members of the Children’s Vampire Hunting Brigade.  This leads to the two of them running away to London, and trying to put things right, with the help of one of the elder members of the CVHB and his niece.

I don’t want to give too much of the plot away, but I will say that it was nice to read a horror comic that wasn’t all bursting boobies covered with blood, and manly men doing manly things.  The characters all have reasonable human bodies, including the women and are dressed appropriately for the area, time and climate.  I know I shouldn’t feel the need to comment on that, but after some of the horror comics I’ve read in the past, yes, I do need to comment on that.

I don’t think it does anything hugely new, as far as the genre goes, but it is a good and entertaining read, and I definitely found myself engaged with and caring about the characters, and wanting them to win.  It’s a nice solid entry to the genre, and I’m looking forward to further volumes and for the resolution to the cliffhanger it ends on.  I definitely recommend you pick this up if you’re a horror comics and/or vampire fan.

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