Geek Girls Rule! #277 – Happy Thanksgiving and Help Out an Awesome Dude!

The Calico Menace and Red Dragon say Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
The Calico Menace and Red Dragon say Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Well, so much for NaBloPoMo.  I tried, but life.

But, I have a lot to be thankful for.  I have great friends, great followers, a great new job.  The Enemy of Sleep, Calico Menace and Mutt are all doing well.  The Geek Husband What Rules has a job he likes, and that is furthering our goal of starting a bakery some day.  Things are good.

However, in light of that, we have a friend who needs some help.  Chad Underkoffler, who is an Indie Game Designer, needs some cash to help him out of a tight spot.  And it just happens that ALL of his games are available on   Chad is an awesome guy!  And the games of his I’ve played have been fantastic!  Zorceror of Zo was the first one we picked up, and since “meeting” him on the Story Games forums, he’s been super helpful and awesome about giving advice and being a good mentor to aspiring game designers.  So, go check out what he’s got for sale and give him a hand.  And since it’s all online, no one has to miss Thanksgiving for you to do your shopping.

My partner in Geek Girldom, Sophie, says that she owns and has played everything he’s written and they’re all super!  So, please, go pick up some games and help out an awesome guy!

Apart from that, please go have a good Thanksgiving, or as we prefer to call it Friendsgiving.  We all get together, those of us without family local, or who have, ahem, issues with their families, particularly around holidays.  People cook, we have fancy cocktails, the Geek Husband What Rules and I buy the turkey and bring it down early, which explains why I was up at 8:30 on my day off.  So I’m hanging out with Amnesiak, waiting for other people to get up and get here, so… blogging.

Also, yesterday, on a whim I decided to check out how long I’d been blogging at Livejournal, which is where my super secret ninja personal blog lives, and discovered that it was 12 years to the day.  I have been blogging online for 12 years now.  Wow.

Honey Badger is getting ready to record our next EP.  The songs on it will be Cassandra Got the Shit End of the Stick, Detect Alignment, I Must Be Handsome When I Unleash My Rage, and .  Eventually, we’ll re-record Herbert West for President, as well.

So, everyone have a Happy Turkey Day!  Stay warm and dry!!!

If you like the blog or the podcast, please, please, please donate to keep us going.  Donations go to pay for the podcast hosting and website domain, primarily.

Oh, and Honey Badger’s first two songs are available for download here, for free or pay what you want.  We’re also part of a larger compilation to benefit a local venue, with a song written by yours truly.  Check it out (we’re track 16).

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