Geek Girls Rule! #275 – So that NaBloPoMo thing… or Life Happens.

So, yeah, that whole NaBloPoMo thing I was doing.  Two things happened there.

1.  I vastly over-estimated my ability to do anything during AmberconNW apart from game and drink.  I thought, “Oh, well, I’ll have late lunches, skip dinner, and blog then.”  However, when one is getting less than six hours of sleep a night, which is up from the four a night I had been getting, btw, one has a tendency to lay down to rest one’s eyes and wake up just in time to comb out one’s hair and sprint to the game one is running in the next slot.

So, not so much with the blogging.

The Elderly Black Cat, Diana, in her bat wings and her rhinestone collar.
The Elderly Black Cat, Diana, in her bat wings and her rhinestone collar.

2.  On Tuesday we had to put the Elderly Cat to sleep.  We knew it was coming, it had been coming for awhile.  As I mentioned in the last podcast, I recorded that while sitting on the bathroom floor feeding her to make sure she ate.  We’d been doing that for awhile, buying all the stinkiest and most expensive of cat foods, feeding her any people food she showed interest in.  For example, about two weeks before she died I hand fed her most of a chicken breast at the dinner table during game night.

We had the roomies and a cat sitter checking on her, and apparently she was eating up until Monday.  Tuesday we took her to the vet and the vet said that she had lumps in her abdomen that were probably cancer.  And that we were making the right decision.

So, if you’ve been following me on Twitter, you’ve seen the evolution of weepy, sad tweets about losing her.  And I’ve just not been in the mood to blog about much at all.

But this weekend, after going to bed by 10 Friday night, and sleeping until after 2 on Saturday, I feel much better in general.  I’m still sad, and continue to burst into tears with little provocation, and that’ll last for awhile.

So, this week I’ll try to get back on track, post about my games at Ambercon, and do another podcast.

Thank you for your patience.


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