Geek Girls Rule #256 – It Lives

Yeah, sorry about being incommunicado for so long.  April and May kind of sucked, June was a little better, and I’m hoping for a stellar July.  I swear every year, it’s like April is competing with itself in a “Worst Month of the Freaking Year” competition.  We lost my maternal grandmother in the last week of April, about a month and a half before her 90th birthday.  For those of you have been around a while, my maternal grandfather died three years ago in April.  Then my vehicle died, then a room-mate bailed and stole two of our cats (we got one back).  It’s been a laugh riot, I tell you.  On the plus side, well, some friends hired us to do stuff around their house and paid us the money to fix the vehicle.  We got another room-mate who seems to be pretty awesome so far.  I got a new job.  And we got one kitten back.  I also got to go back to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and splash around in Lake Superior for the first time in 30 years.

The Elderly Black Cat is doing well on her ridiculously expensive diet.  But, she’s 18 now, so we’ll feed her whatever it  to keep her going.

The Geek Husband What Rules and I finally saw Iron Man 3, and really enjoyed it.  I’ll try to review it soon.

I picked up Animal Crossing: New Leaf and it’s a blast.  Now that I have a wet suit I doubt I’ll ever wear any other clothing.

We had a catastophic internet failure, and I finally got that sorted out.

GoPlayNW was last weekend, and I only made it to one day, but that one day was stellar.

It’s been a hell of a year.

But I’m hoping everything will settle down to a dull roar now.  Thanks for your patience.

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