Geek Girls Rule! Newsflash! Promo Week

Ok, here’s the deal.  Between working on the game and work stress, my brain has been mush.  Complete and utter mush.  BUT, my complete incoherence is your gain!

If you have a site, business, Kickstarter, IndieGoGo project that you would like me to promo here, please contact me as soon as possible!  I will set up posts so that all next week a different business, or possibly group of businesses if there’s enough of you, are featured, with links and recommendations if I have any personal knowledge of you.

I’ve got a few of you on deck already, and I would love the chance to do this for more of you.  I’m a big fan of spreading around the love.

So, let me know, site, business, project, podcast, whatever it is, if you would like me to tell the world with my big giant mouth, I will do it (within the bounds of good taste and the thing in question being at least tangentially geek-related).  I’ll post here, on the Facebook and tweet you.  Let me know.

So contact me at preferably by Sunday morning the 17th, and I will put together the week this weekend.

Thanks for reading and putting up with my flakey, distracted ass.


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