Geek Girls Rule! Podcast #31 – Guys on Guys – FriendZones, “Nice Guys” and How Not to Rape

Ok, so I’ve longed maintained that I wouldn’t interview guys on the podcast because there are assloads of guys in the geek podcasting world, and I like maintaining the place as one for women by women.  But, that said, when it comes to certain topics, like “Nice Guy-“ism, Rape, and the infamous “Friend Zone,” guys are always using my gender and that of other women as an excuse not to listen to us.  So I pulled in some dudes on this.

Sasha Pixlee, formerly of the Double Meat Podcast, and more recently of the website, is an awesome human being who is your standard Mod 1, geeky dude.  YET, he manages to maintain friendships with women because he views them as people AND get laid by other women with whom he is upfront about his desires.  GASP!

Ogre Whiteside is the Geek Husband What Rules, and he’s just awesome.  He has this podcast called Stabbing Contest, and we’ve been married for nearly 19 years.  He is also a geeky dude who manages to be friends with women and interact with them as though they were people.

Neither of these dudes has ever raped someone.  And I thought, since it appears from listening to the the bottom half of the internet lately that this is an INCREDIBLY HARD THING TO DO, that I’d ask them how in the world they managed it.

Yes, that is sarcasm  you’re smelling.

So with no further ado, the lastest GGR Podcast.  Enjoy.  I remind you, as always, of our Draconian Moderation Policy.  Have a nice day!


3 thoughts on “Geek Girls Rule! Podcast #31 – Guys on Guys – FriendZones, “Nice Guys” and How Not to Rape

  1. Thanks Mickey (and Ogre and Sasha). So interesting. And I’m impressed that you all were able to bring up the rapes of men without making it a tit for tat thing. I shouldn’t be surprised and if anybody reads this, it’s a minute part of the hour long podcast. But it was mentioned appropriately within the context of the podcast and I think that’s a bit of a feat.

    So much smart stuff from smart people.

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