Ambercon NW!!!

Ambercon I am IN you!!!

Having a fantastic time!  Sorry about the no update this week, I was prepping for the games I’m running and desperately behind on submitting characters for the games I’m in.  Last night I ran Behind the Yellow Wallpaper, which is a game of female Victorian Monster Hunters.  The blurb in the gamebook is as follows:

They put you in an asylum, said you were dangerous to yourself and others.  Maybe you are, but only to those things, evil things that only you can see.  Only you can see the true selves behind the facades.  One day, while you are in the asylum, a woman comes to visit you, wearing black mourning clothes.  After the attendants have left, she leans in close and says, “What you see is real.  And I can show you how to kill them.”

I’ve run this before, at a small minicon run by some friends from Ambercon.  And it was fabulous both times.

So, I’ll be talking to you later!  Have a good weekend!!!

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