Quick Post: Lady Gambit

So after the post where I was complaining about cosplayers making female analogs of male characters unnecessarily sexy, Lela Gwenn, a twitter follower and all around awesome person, told me of her plan to make a “Sexy Gambit” costume.  Since I think a sexy female Gambit is perfectly in line with the Cajun’s personality, I said, “Pics or it didn’t happen!”   She debuted the costume at NYCC this weekend.

Photo by Bethany Fong of Comics Alliance. Cosplay by Lela Gwenn. I love it!


I think she looks awesome, and that sexy Lady Gambit is no more or less sexy that regular dude Gambit, who you have to admit, is kind of a tomcat, his devotion to Rogue aside.

You can see Lela’s costume and many other awesome examples of NYCC Cosplay at this Comics Alliance article.


2 thoughts on “Quick Post: Lady Gambit

  1. I agree, Gambit is one of my favorites, and would be sexy regardless, and I really like the costume, well done.

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