Geek Girls Rule! Newsflash

I will be at Westercon this weekend, starting tonight.

Tonight at 7 pm, in Cascade 3 and 4 I’ll be talking about Gaming: Gender Issues in Tabletop and Videogames

Saturday at 1pm in Cascade 6 will be Gamemastering: One-shot Adventures vs. Campaigns

Saturday at 4pm in Cascade 5 will be Game Design:  World Design

Hopefully we’ll see you there!  Feel free to come up and say hi!  Not sure what I’ll be wearing, but odds are good it will be black.  The Geek Husband What Rules will be doing the World Design and One-Shot vs. Campaigns panels with me, as well as a panel on How Not to Kill Your Players in a Long-Running Campaign.  And tonight he’ll be running a Gamer Version of Win, Lose or Draw.  I don’t want to give too much away, but you might want to put some thought in how to draw “THACO.”

Have a good weekend!!!!


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