Geek Girls Rule! #202 – The Backlash Against Female Superhero Costumes

This post is going to be primarily a picture post, and if you can help me track down the people who should receive credit for any comics that might be misattributed, that would be awesome.

So, from the early days of GGR, I’ve been bitching about the sexist treatment of female heroes, particularly about the costumes.  Male heroes get practical costumes that cover their bodies and can act as armor.  Female heroes frequently get butt-floss and postage stamps.  But a whole lot more people are starting to protest what has long been assumed to be a sexism intrinsic to the media. Including Luke McKinney at, who wrote this brilliant article about sexist costumes.  And followed it up with this article about the hilariously sexist arguments he got in response.  I have gotten each and every one of those stupid arguments here whenever the subject comes up.

Now, check out this slideshow at Gamma Squad.

And the pics.

Black Widow and Nick Fury JM Benton
Now, here we have fan-service beautifully illustrated.


They are all wearing costumes Wonder Woman has been drawn in. From Theamat at

I’d also like to draw your attention to the follow blog posts.  First, we have two blog posts by a young woman who is both a contortionist and a martial artist as to the ridiculousness of female hero poses.  Check out the photos of the way she can bend her own body, and then listen when she tells you that those poses aren’t feasible.  And her follow up as to why the sexy costumes are ridiculous.

Next, check out Jim Hines’s post about how he, as an active martial artist, cannot attain the backbreaking poses of heroines on urban fantasy books, which mirror comic book heroine poses.  I reviewed one of his books here, and he does write very good female characters.  I did have a few quibbles, but overall, I highly recommend him as an author.  And he seems to be just a super awesome guy!

Ok, nerdy enthusing about guys who get it over.

Oh, and here’s an article as to why male heroes are not equally sexualized.  And why sexy and sexualized are not the same thing.

The fact is, like I’ve said repeatedly, I’m not saying these things because I hate comics, and neither are the rest of these people.  We all like comics.  We love them, and we want to love them more.  Hopefully you’ll check out all the links and you can see what we’re all talking about.

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3 thoughts on “Geek Girls Rule! #202 – The Backlash Against Female Superhero Costumes

  1. Yeah, it’s said time and time again, and yet the simplest, easiest steps to take that would make a world of difference in making comics easier to access for women are simply not taken because the people running superhero comics at Marvel and DC are giant man-children who won’t mature.

    But honestly, it’s hard to expect change when DC continues to give work to people like Jim Lee, Ed Benes, and Rob frigging Liefield.

  2. Liefeld’s still working? Holy shit, I thought we was just sitting in a cave somewhere on a pile of gold and paying women to dress like Vallejo models and pose in front of a big plaster dragon, so he could festoon himself with little pouches and “save” them.

  3. No, he was working on one ofthe new 52 titles, Hawk & Dove, with Sterling Gates, who did some great writing on the Supergirl series.

    The title was cancelled due to low sales, from what I heard, because it’s hard to get returning customers when their eyes are bleeding, and so DC gave him THREE MORE TITLES.


    And apparently he gets this work because he’s a reallly nice guy… who can’t draw for shit and has name recognition from the 90s for his work across the superhero genre of comics in Image, Marvel, and DC.

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