Geek Girls Rule: A quick note.

I have neither been eaten, lost in snowdrift, nor run off to be David Bowie’s love slave.

As noted before, we moved two weeks ago, and let’s just say my delusions of keeping up with blogging were just that:  delusional.

We’re mostly unpacked, completely moved in to our new home, NerdHaven.  We have a house-wide, secure, wireless network, two terabytes of server space on our home network, and I think nearly every RPG published in the last thirty years, between us and the Weasel and Kate, the new Geek Room-mates What Rule!  Also, our other room-mate, Evan (also a Geek Room-mate What Rules), has the most adorable 9 year old daughter whom we are instructing in the geek side of the Force.  The cats are happy, we’re happy.  We have so much more space, and I have somewhere to escape to when things get overwhelming.

No, not this kind of Junk.

But dear LORD THE UNPACKING!!!!  How do two  people accumulate so much shit?  And the scary thing is that we actually have less shit than the last time we moved.  I’ve decided I may sell off some of my Maleficent porcelain figures because, really, how many Disney villains DOES one girl need to own?  Possibly some comics, definitely some fiction.

The garage is where the majority of the gaming books live.  Weasel decided that the 4e, Warhammer Fantasy RPG and some other things that get used a lot would have two shelves in the dining room.  But so far we’ve got like six shelves of gaming books in the garage.  The comics will be living in a closet up here, as they are touch more fragile, even bagged.  We have enough swords to outfit a small medieval mercenary company, two recurve bows, a compound bow, fencing foils, sabres and epees.

The De-Crappening will be happening soon.  Watch this space for details, if, say, you want to own some of my nerdy crap.

I’ve got a podcast with Surly Amy of Skepchick to post, and I’m finishing up Jim Hines’ new book, The Snow Queen’s Shadow to review for you.  Also, Weasel, awesome human being that he is got me the Sigvald book when it came out!

One thought on “Geek Girls Rule: A quick note.

  1. Glad to hear that everything is going well in your new home, as it sounds like one sweet setup!

    I can’t wait to get out and set up my own place, Fort Awesome.

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