So, um, Surly Amy of Skepchick and Surlyramics fame, has created a wonderful, wonderful thing!

Is it not totally awesome?!

I urge to you go buy awesome pendants from Surly Amy! Go, fly, my minions!!!!!!

Surly Amy is also a force for bringing more women into skepticism by funding women to attend TAM 9, through the sale of TAM pendants. So far she’s raised enough to send three women to TAM (The Amazing Meeting, for those not in the know), and has guaranteed that she will send one more woman with her own money. You should also check out her store and buy TAM pendants to send more awesome female skeptics to The Amazing Meeting.

Check outAmy’s Etsy store , and her articles at Skepchick ! Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

She will also be at Geek Girl Con, selling her wares and being awesome.

Remember we’ve got the GGR TwitterTumblr and Facebook page.

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