Geek Girls Rule! Podcast 20

Wherein you get to hear me sputter incoherently over Scott Adams, whine about writer’s block, be enraged over the whitewashing of Akira, talk about the winners of the tattoo contest, announce the new “Geeks are Generous” contest, celebrate getting the new Erickson and McGuire books and mispronounce things because I finished recording around one in the morning.


One thought on “Geek Girls Rule! Podcast 20

  1. I am so irritated about the Scott Adams stuff too…especially his whole ‘we’re smarter than you are and you are just getting upset but you agree with me’ Though I disagree that he makes the Penny Arcade guys look better. Scott Adams being misogynistic isn’t all that surprising given some of his strips and attitudes towards women within them.

    Penny Arcade is going ‘we include everyone! except for those who don’t agree with us. Fuck those bitches’

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